How to be the best football player in your own country

With the NFL season now less than a month away, here are five key things to consider when preparing for your career in the league.1.

Be an aggressive recruiter2.

Be a leader3.

Keep your eye on the big picture4.

Play smart and be prepared to get beat5.

Keep it real1.

Become an aggressive recruiter”I want to get a scholarship to college, and I want to play at the highest level possible,” said Darian Thompson, a senior at Arizona State University who was named to the Big 12 All-Academic Team.

“I just want to go to the highest, highest level.

I want that, I want it now, I don’t want to wait another year to go.”2.

Keep an eye on your career growth”I know a lot of guys who’ve already got a scholarship, they’re going to play for the next 10 years and they’re just getting ready to go,” said Sammie Thomas, a junior from Westlake Village, California.

“So I’m really trying to focus on what’s going to be in front of me, what’s the right fit and what’s a fit for me, and that’s kind of how I’ve been able to prepare for my future.

I just need to be aggressive with what I’m doing now, and if I don, then I’ll probably end up going back to school.3.

Be the leader”It’s not about getting a scholarship.

That’s kind, really helped me a lot. “

So being able to go out and say, ‘Hey, I got this scholarship, I’m going to get my scholarship, and this is what I got.’

That’s kind, really helped me a lot.

That’s been really, really, helping me in my career.”4.

Be prepared for the “biggest challenge””It was a big challenge for me coming into this year.

I was just starting to get into my routine, but there was a lot going on in my life and I wasn’t getting ready for that.

Being able to be able to step out on the field and not have that much pressure to play every down and be a great teammate, and not worry about being an elite player and making a lot more money than the next guy, and just being able, you know what I mean?

Just be a guy that plays well, has good teammates and just has the mindset that you’re going in the right direction and if you can do it, then that’s great.”5.

Be ready for “big challenges”This year, Thomas and Flowers will be fighting for spots on the 49ers depth chart, and they’ll likely get a chance to compete for the starting right tackle spot.

But it’ll also be interesting to see how this season pans out for Thomas and if he can stay healthy and get into his stride as a pass-rusher.

“The first couple of weeks, it’s just like anything else, it takes time to really get into your groove and get comfortable,” Thomas said.

“I’ve got to be patient with myself and I’ve got some good games under my belt, so I think I’m ready to get back out there and play and be on the same page.

I think that’s the biggest challenge right now.”

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