Which health care providers are the most expensive to work for?

There are two types of health care professionals that can be difficult to find a job with: people who can’t do their jobs, and people who are hard to work with.

The problem with both of these types of people is that they are often extremely expensive to employ, and the more expensive they are, the harder it is to find an employer that will take them.

So, what are the pros and cons of each type of health provider?

Here are 10 things to consider when you’re searching for work.

Pros: Most people that you want to hire can be found Pros: People are willing to work on your behalf.

Pros the pay is fair.

Pros can offer you a good wage.

Pros are often very experienced.

Pros, like nurses and therapists, are often skilled.

Pros they are flexible.

Pros you can work remotely.

Pros their job titles are easy to understand.

Pros affordable.

Pros flexible schedules.

Pros reliable.

Pros easy to get around the country.

Pros have great medical care.

Pros good pay.

Pros a lot of medical providers in a relatively small area.

Pros there are many of them.

Pros in a community where you might not be able to find them.

Cons: They’re often highly specialized.

Cons they may not be willing to accept people.

Cons, like other jobs, they might not have a good relationship with the local community.

Pros don’t want to lose their jobs if they are fired.

Pros work remotely, and often work from home.

Pros may be hard to get on a good work-life balance.

Pros often have a very high turnover rate.

Pros not all health care specialists are the same.

Pros difficult to get to work.

Cons you might have to travel to an office for your job.

Pros do not have health insurance.

Pros limited options.

Pros no guarantee that they’ll be available.

Pros expensive.

Pros will take someone else’s money if you’re not happy with the outcome.

Pros most health care facilities are private.

Pros your work will not be visible in your community.

Cons can be hard for employers to track down.

Pros pay is not as good as other jobs.

Pros require lots of training.

Pros many facilities are closed.

Pros very little money.

Pros is the job of an assistant.

Pros people are willing.

Pros highly trained and competent.

Pros working in a remote location.

Pros offer a good pay and job security.

Pros usually have a medical team working on their behalf.

Cons not all of the facilities offer health care.

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