How to keep your child from getting the flu, a study finds

A study from the University of California, Davis found that when parents are properly taught about the flu vaccine, they are able to prevent children from becoming ill, even if they are younger than six months old.

The study is published in Pediatrics.

The study involved 839 children aged between seven and 11, of whom 7.4% were younger than five months old and 5.6% were between six and 12 months old, according to the study.

The average age of the participants was 10.3 years.

All of the children were tested in two different ways: with a nasal swab and with a saliva sample taken from the child.

The children who received a nasal vaccine did not experience a significant increase in the risk of being infected with the flu in the three months following vaccination.

In addition, the children who were tested by saliva were protected against the influenza A (H3N2) virus for three months.

This was not true of the vaccine group.

Dr. Daniel F. Steinberg, the study’s lead author, said the study demonstrates the benefits of flu vaccine instruction.

“It is important to remember that flu is a respiratory illness, not a coronavirus,” Steinberg said.

“In this study, we found that vaccination with the influenza vaccine prevented the development of an infection that might have caused an illness.”

While the study shows flu vaccination does prevent the flu outbreak, the authors recommend parents learn more about the vaccine before getting vaccinated.

The flu vaccine is administered by a combination of three different vaccines: the H1N1 vaccine, the H2N2 vaccine and the MMR vaccine.

The vaccines are designed to prevent two types of flu: H1 and H2.

The H1 vaccine is given by injection to people aged six months to 14 years old and has a two-dose schedule, meaning it is given to the first dose at the beginning of the year and the second dose at or after the age of 18.

The vaccine is usually given by the first week of April to those who are currently healthy.

The vaccine also contains an ingredient called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a fat-soluble form of linoleate, and is believed to help reduce the risk for certain types of coronaviruses.

The second vaccine is the MMR, a vaccine developed by a company called Merck.

This is administered to children aged six to 15 years old, with the vaccine being given to them three times a year.

The MMR vaccine contains a conjugate form of the L-histidine molecule, which is an amino acid that helps reduce the amount of L-glutamate that is made by the body.

According to the CDC, most of the people who get the MMR have an antibody response to it, meaning that the immune system has the ability to attack the virus.

In other words, if your immune system is responding to the vaccine, then you should be able to get the vaccine.

However, there are still cases of children who have an immune response to the MMR and may not be able or unwilling to receive the vaccine for some time.

In these cases, the CDC recommends that parents not vaccinate their children.

This means that parents should continue to get their children vaccinated until they reach the age that they will not need the vaccine to keep them healthy.

For more information about the influenza vaccination, visit the CDC website.

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