When your health care provider doesn’t know your story and doesn’t care about you

By David W. Pascoe | 09/12/2018 07:00:06A New York City doctor who helped a terminally ill patient get treatment at a nearby hospital was paid to keep his secret from the patient and the doctors who cared for him, according to an internal report.

According to the report, which was obtained by Vice News, Dr. George B. Deutsch Jr., who worked at the hospital for several years, “acted as a liaison between the patient, the medical director and the other physicians working at the facility.

Deisch’s duties included helping to ensure the patient was properly cared for, and that the hospital and the medical team could operate safely and efficiently.”

The report alleges that in the months after the patient’s death, the patient didn’t receive any of the care the doctors were supposed to be providing.

“He was not given the medications and the treatment he was supposed to receive,” the report said.

“He was kept in isolation, and he was kept from seeing any of his family, friends or colleagues.”

The medical director who treated the patient in July of 2018 did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The report also claims that Dr. Deans “has not been forthcoming with any information about the patient.”

“As a result, the staff at the location has been left in the dark about the care of the patient,” the medical report said, adding that “despite repeated requests to him, he has failed to provide any information.”

In addition, the report alleged that Deutsch “failed to provide the medical staff with any additional documentation that would have supported the diagnosis of the [terminally ill] patient, including the hospital’s patient manual and patient notes.”

The documents in question were required to provide information that doctors were required by law to provide to hospitals.

They also had to identify the patients who had been seen by Deutsch, as well as any other patients in the facility who needed treatment.

Deutsch was charged with multiple counts of fraud, but the charges were later dropped, and the doctor was allowed to continue practicing medicine without any penalty.

The charges were dropped in September 2018.

Deberts attorney, Jonathan Schoenbaum, did not immediately respond to VICE News’ request for comment on the allegations.

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