How you can support the Transgender Health Care Project

By now, you’re probably aware that we need more transgender health care professionals, and more trans women are facing discrimination. 

We know that many transgender women don’t receive adequate medical care for gender dysphoria, and we also know that there are many transgender people who have experienced violence, harassment, and even death due to the medical care they receive. 

It is especially critical that we support trans people to have access to medically appropriate gender transition care. 

As part of the Transgender Care Project, we want to raise awareness about gender dysphoric transgender people and the issues they face, so that we can create resources that will enable them to receive the care that is right for them. 

There are already a number of resources available for trans people who need to access healthcare, and in 2017, we’re proud to offer the Transgender Support Network. 

These resources have been developed with input from the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF), as well as the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE). 

While some of these resources have the support of medical professionals, others rely on online and other resources to provide access to medical care.

The Transgender Support Project is a new resource for trans women in the LGBTQ community, which will help them access and access healthcare. 

You can learn more about the Transgender Healthcare Project, which is a partnership between the Transgender Advocacy Project (TAP) and Equality Michigan, by clicking here. 

What we need: 1) A Transgender Health Clinic, or a Gender Dysphoria Clinic for Transgender People A Transgender Health Center will help provide the most comprehensive health care for transgender people in Michigan. 

This will include all of the basic medical care that can be needed, including: testing and treatment, surgery, and hormones. 

2) A Gender Dyssex Medicine Clinic for Trans People This clinic will provide transgender people with the necessary medical care to meet their medical needs for gender transition and to prevent or treat gender dysphorias. 

3) A Trans Woman’s Health Clinic This is a specialized clinic for transgender women, and it will provide the same basic medical and psychological care as a Transgender Health clinic. 

4) A Multidisciplinary Transgender Health Counselor Clinic For people who are transgender, we are all at different stages of our transition.

Some transgender people have undergone gender reassignment surgery, while others have not. 

5) A GYN Clinic for trans men This special clinic will give trans men the same level of care as transgender women. 

6) A Transition Support Network for Transgender Men This network of support for trans and gender nonconforming men and women will be based out of Michigan, where transgender people live, work, and have access. 

7) Transgender Accessibility Resources There is an array of resources for trans* people across the state, including the Michigan Transgender Health Network (TMHN), a non-profit that is focused on providing medically accurate healthcare to transgender people. 

8) A Clinic for LGBTQ Trans* People If you or someone you know is a transgender person, this is the community resource you need. 

9) A Health Resources Guide for Transgender Women This guide will help you navigate the health care options available for transgender health and will help to find resources and support to help you make the transition from your current gender identity to your desired one. 

10) Transgender Legal Education Fund The Transgender Legal Action Center (TLAC) is an educational and advocacy organization dedicated to providing accurate and transparent information on transgender issues and advocacy for the rights of transgender people, including in the states legislature and the courts. 

They also host a monthly webinar, Trans Justice: Understanding the Issues Transgender People Face, where they provide practical information on the transgender justice system, including on the legal process, and the legal issues that transgender people face. 

The Trans Health Clinic is a great resource for transgender folks to find out about the legal rights they have and the barriers they face in accessing medical care in Michigan, and will also be helpful in finding support services for trans health care in the future. 

 How to help: If the Transgender Medical Center in Detroit is unable to provide you with any transgender medical services or resources, contact your local health department. 

If a transgender woman needs care, you can call the Transgender Center in Oakland or the Transgender Women’s Health Center in Grand Rapids. 

Transgender women and people of color face different challenges when seeking care from health providers. 

When you are looking for a medical service or resources to help transgender women or people of colour access healthcare in Michigan or any other state, contact the Transgender Action Center or the TAP for a free consultation. 

In the meantime, the Transgender Justice Project is also here to help. 

Visit their website here.

Development Is Supported By

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