Why I voted to ban the ‘Trumpcare’ medical insurance expansion

I voted for the bill, and I’ve been a patient for many years, but I’m not going to be able to get coverage under it unless I get a doctor’s note, and it’s a bit of a hassle to get that done, especially if I don’t have a prescription for the drug.

That’s why I voted against the Trumpcare expansion.

I want to do everything I can to keep people in their current plans and make sure they’re covered, and that’s what this bill does.

It makes it so the cost of care is not increasing because it goes to a health care provider who is a medical doctor.

The cost of healthcare is not rising because it’s going to a doctor who has a prescription.

The Trumpcare bill would have allowed health insurance companies to increase deductibles for some people and would have made it harder for people to buy insurance through an exchange, which would have created more people on Medicaid.

The bill did not expand Medicaid, which has been proven to help low-income people afford medical care.

Trumpcare also does not address the issue of people being overcharged for health care, as a lot of critics have claimed.

It also does little to address the underlying problem of a broken health care system, which is that it has failed to provide adequate care.

This bill does more to address that.

It increases funding to states for health insurance, which makes it easier for them to do their work.

It does expand Medicaid coverage.

It would also make it easier to find a job, expand access to affordable child care, expand dental coverage, make it harder to get sicker, and make it more difficult for people with pre-existing conditions to stay on Medicaid or the CHIP program.

But I think this is one of the things that makes the bill the best possible bill we can have in place to help the most vulnerable and the most people.

It doesn’t have all the answers, and there’s more to do, but it does have the best options, and the best ways to help people.

You know, if you look at the history of this bill, it’s the least successful piece of legislation we’ve seen in this chamber.

I think that it’s time to stop the cycle of waiting and see what happens.

It’s time for Congress to get this done, because this bill is not the answer, and we need to be making choices now.

This is not a bill that will bring back the jobs of the past, and this is not one that will create the kind of healthcare system that is best for our citizens.

This isn’t going to solve the problem of rising costs, which we need in order to create jobs and create opportunities.

The answer is more money for states, more funding for hospitals and nursing homes, more money in the community and community colleges.

But we also need to make sure we’re doing the right things for the people in our state, because there’s no one else on the planet who has what we have.

And I’m hopeful that this is the kind a Congress will finally do the right thing, and do the things they promised in the first place.

Thank you.


Thank you very much.

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