How to pay for the ‘cure’ of PTSD in North Carolina

The new Republican-controlled state legislature has taken a big step toward making it easier for the mentally ill to seek help with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by passing a bill that would let patients pay for their treatment at private providers.

Currently, most states require patients to pay a fee for mental health care, with many patients not able to pay and the cost often far outstrips their income.

In North Carolina, however, there is a provision that would allow the state to pay private providers directly to help patients pay their bills.

Under the bill, which passed the House on Wednesday, patients would pay their own bills and their bills would be funded by the state’s general fund.

Under the bill the state would then share the costs with private providers, allowing patients to seek out the help they need.

The bill was introduced by state Rep. John Whitfield, a Republican from Buncombe County who has been a vocal critic of the state healthcare system.

He told reporters after the vote that he had the support of other Republicans in the House and that he would introduce similar legislation.

Whitfield told reporters that the bill was the most comprehensive bill he had ever introduced.

He said the bill would allow people to pay by debit card and debit card with PayPal or credit cards, and would allow anyone who has a health insurance policy to pay their medical bills with it.

He said the new legislation would also give mental health providers greater freedom to provide mental health treatment to their patients.

While many mental health experts are supportive of the bill’s provisions, some have criticized it for excluding people with HIV from its scope.

A coalition of HIV-positive advocates, including members of the North Carolina chapter of the HIV Healthcare Association, has criticized the bill for excluding those with HIV.

According to a report released by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the bill includes the provision that “does not apply to certain individuals who have a physical or mental condition that substantially limits their ability to function in society.”

The HIV Healthcare Foundation said that it was “deeply disappointed” that the state does not have a provision in the bill that specifically applies to those with mental health conditions.

North Carolina is one of several states to pass laws to allow individuals to pay bills from private providers with the new law.

The legislation was passed by the North Dakota House on Thursday.

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