Valley medical care: Rs. 4 lakh a month for children

India’s healthcare system has a growing number of families struggling to afford medical care.The number of rural residents living in rural areas is rising fast.According to the latest figures from the Central Health Survey, India’s biggest healthcare survey, India has a population of 7.9 billion, which is expected to reach around 9.5 billion by 2020.The […]

Obama’s air care medical care medical bill is a good idea, but the president’s proposal is bad

Obama’s medical care package is a pretty good idea.It would provide free preventive care, including vaccinations and medical tests for everyone, and provide free flu shots for everyone.And it would provide health insurance for everyone under age 65, meaning that it would cover the entire costs of care for the entire population.But that is only […]

How to pay for the ‘cure’ of PTSD in North Carolina

The new Republican-controlled state legislature has taken a big step toward making it easier for the mentally ill to seek help with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by passing a bill that would let patients pay for their treatment at private providers.Currently, most states require patients to pay a fee for mental health […]

How to navigate medical website for all-natural products

The medical website of a health food store is the place to be if you want to get all-naturally-grown, all-organic and organic products from the best producers in India, India’s medical department said in a statement on Tuesday.The website for India’s all-Naturals Organic Grocery & Drugstore, run by the All India Organic Food and Agriculture […]

How you can support the Transgender Health Care Project

By now, you’re probably aware that we need more transgender health care professionals, and more trans women are facing discrimination. We know that many transgender women don’t receive adequate medical care for gender dysphoria, and we also know that there are many transgender people who have experienced violence, harassment, and even death due to the medical […]

How to avoid a medical care charge

If you’re charged for medical care when you’re sick, you’re entitled to recover the costs.But you have to do it in the form of an upfront payment or an overpayment.And if you’re injured and require a hospital stay, you might also have to pay for it.Here are the rules for how you recover the cost […]

How to get the best medical care for the most important people

A new study by a prominent health policy scholar shows that health care costs and outcomes can vary substantially depending on who is in charge.The research, which will be published in the January issue of the journal Health Affairs, shows that healthcare spending and care delivery systems can have significant impact on how people receive […]

U.S. lawmakers demand answers about VA health care scandal

A federal investigation into VA care and safety at a veterans hospital in Virginia is set to continue next week.U.S., VA officials said they’re confident the investigation will not find evidence of wrongdoing.But lawmakers are asking for more answers.Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) sent a letter Thursday to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanding a full investigation […]

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