Why do people get cancer?

The latest research suggests people may be having cancer as a result of a genetic mutation that allows them to become more susceptible to the cancer-causing virus.The research was published in the medical journal Nature Communications.The finding is the first to show that certain mutations are linked to an increased risk of developing the disease, […]

A nurse is recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake in Colorado

The rattlesnoise has been reported by residents of a rural Colorado community and is causing health issues in several areas, according to a post on the National Association of Nurse Practitioners website.“We’re seeing this really high frequency of reports of people getting bitten by rattlesnas and this is something we’ve been working with the Colorado […]

Which health care providers are the most expensive to work for?

There are two types of health care professionals that can be difficult to find a job with: people who can’t do their jobs, and people who are hard to work with.The problem with both of these types of people is that they are often extremely expensive to employ, and the more expensive they are, the […]

Florida Medical Care Free: Florida Families Are Getting $3,000 Per Day in Medical Care

Medical care free in Florida for all Floridians is coming to a hospital near you.On Thursday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 1052 into law, making the state the third state to provide a medical care free option for all Medicaid residents.In the past, Florida provided Medicaid residents with free medical care and prescription […]

How to be the best football player in your own country

With the NFL season now less than a month away, here are five key things to consider when preparing for your career in the league.1.Be an aggressive recruiter2.Be a leader3.Keep your eye on the big picture4.Play smart and be prepared to get beat5.Keep it real1.Become an aggressive recruiter”I want to get a scholarship to college, […]

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