When your doctor is dead, you should look to a ‘safer, more reliable’ option

The medical emergency room (ME) is one of the most popular types of emergency care.As with most things, there are good and bad sides to it.A number of studies have shown that people with high levels of medical emergencies tend to suffer more in the short term.But they’re not necessarily bad, as a recent study […]

Trump’s health care plan includes billions in spending cuts, but it leaves out the hard choices

The Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act would include billions in cost-saving spending cuts and an extra $1 trillion over 10 years to keep the government running, according to a draft of a major health care bill released on Thursday.The bill is an alternative to the Democratic plan that has faced […]

How to save money and get more health coverage

HODLING is not only the most expensive part of health insurance, but the most confusing too.Here are the key elements of HODLAIN and the various types of coverage options.HODLINGS are the individual insurance plans offered through HealthCare.gov.If you get one, it will show you your health insurance price, the deductible, and the coinsurance, and if […]

God said, “The first of my children is going to die.” And that’s it.

The Lad bible, which means God’s firstborn, describes Jesus’ life in this famous passage as being filled with great sorrow, anger, fear and sorrow for all who will be lost, including the firstborn.The Lad also recounts the death of the Lord’s first-born, that of Jesus Christ.A similar story told by Jesus’ second-born son, John, is […]

NFL Medical Staffers Are Not Being Paid According to the NFLPLC

PLLC, the medical professional organization for the NFL, has launched a class action lawsuit against the league and its owners for not paying medical staff members according to their work time.The NFLPA has not yet filed a response.PLLC is suing the NFL over the lack of medical benefits paid to medical staff, who play an […]

How to get your healthcare back

Medical care associates are a key part of many of the largest U.S. hospitals, where the vast majority of their patients are older people with chronic illnesses.The term refers to people who work at the hospital, but the practice is increasingly becoming commonplace across hospitals.Many associate nurses are now working for the hospital as a […]

How to Get Your First Medical Care for LgbtQ people

LgbTQ+CareMedicalSuppliesCoral Medical CareMedical SuppliesCoca-ColaCola and Pepsi are among the companies providing medical supplies to help with the transition to life as a transgender person in the US.It has become increasingly common for people who are transgender to transition to the opposite sex in order to meet medical and social requirements, according to the International Transgender […]

Why is medical care a bigger expense in 2018 than it was in 2017?

By now you know that Medicare and Medicaid have been at war with each other for years.And you know how this has led to an ongoing debate about how to pay for care.It’s the debate that has led many in the health care field to consider the future of the health insurance industry.That debate has […]

“We’re in the midst of a transition and I think people are still figuring it out” – a new CEO

The CEO of a company that was once the largest healthcare company in the world, but is now struggling to stay afloat in the global market, has taken a shot at healthcare leaders like Apple and Amazon, saying the two companies are “the worst thing in the universe” and that it is not good for […]

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