Medical professionals are using the hashtag #MedicalCareMedical in order to discuss the health care system

Medical professionals across the US are using a hashtag to discuss medical care and health care policy.The hashtag #medicalcaremedical was created by @ladyboom and she tweeted out the tweet with a photo of her daughter.The tweet was quickly retweeted thousands of times, with the hashtag being used by doctors, nurses, and doctors themselves to share […]

Medical care mission lost after Everest medical care mission is diverted to Mexico

Medical care has been diverted from the mission in Nepal after the Everest mission was grounded due to weather conditions, according to officials.CNN affiliate Khaama Press reported that the Nepal Medical Corps said Everest Medical Services had sent a plane to the city of Manali to take care of medical needs of its employees.The Nepalese […]

Trump’s health care plan is not about medicine, but health care

Andrew Ryan is a Republican consultant who advises President Donald Trump on health care.Ryan has worked for Trump since 2016 and was one of the top aides during the Republican presidential primary, working with Trump on many of the administration’s policies, including repealing Obamacare and repealing the Affordable Care Act.His book is titled “The America […]

How to use your personal data in health care

The term “personal data” has become synonymous with health information, which includes a wide range of information about your health.While many people are familiar with this term, there are a few things you need to know about personal data.1.What is personal data?Personal data is the information about someone that is collected about them and that […]

Hospitals say patients are getting sicker and more expensive

Caring for the sick and elderly has become more expensive for many patients, but some hospitals are struggling to cope.The Government says there are more than 6.2 million Medicare patients who are currently eligible for a Medicare rebate, but hospitals have only managed to cut that down to just under 1.2m.The shortfall is being blamed […]

Parkway Medical Career: A Career in Healthcare from a Place of Faith

Parkway Parkland Medical Career Center is a medical career and care career center located in the downtown Seattle area.Our mission is to educate and assist people with health care needs, both as residents and visitors to the Seattle area, through a medical care career.Our goal is to serve our community, and our patients, with an […]

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