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How to get a job as a transgender medical professional

Cairo medical care provider Eleni Eleni, who came out as transgender in 2012, is one of the many Egyptians who have been working as a medical professional.Eleni is a member of the Egyptian Medical Association, and her work as a physician has taken her from a position of marginalization and discrimination in Egypt to a […]

Which counties in New Jersey have the best medical care?

I’ve never been a doctor, but I’m a registered nurse.It’s a position that pays well and is essential to my ability to provide care.But my medical career may be over.I have recently graduated from nursing school.I have no experience with medicine and it’s not until I go into my first practice that I realize how […]

Medical professionals are using the hashtag #MedicalCareMedical in order to discuss the health care system

Medical professionals across the US are using a hashtag to discuss medical care and health care policy.The hashtag #medicalcaremedical was created by @ladyboom and she tweeted out the tweet with a photo of her daughter.The tweet was quickly retweeted thousands of times, with the hashtag being used by doctors, nurses, and doctors themselves to share […]

How to find a new role in medical technology in Ireland

A new job opening in Ireland has seen a surge in applications from technology professionals, with the number of applicants expected to rise to over 100,000 by next year.The Irish Technology and Medical Education Authority has announced it is looking to recruit more than 20,000 medical techs and healthcare IT specialists for its new position […]

What does the Supreme Court have to say about the legality of medical marijuana?

The Supreme Court on Monday handed down its first ruling on medical marijuana in more than two decades.The 5-4 decision, which was expected, came in response to a request by the state of Colorado, which had requested the Supreme to overturn a federal court decision that upheld the state’s medical marijuana law.The court has been […]

What’s the best healthcare in Finland?

FINLAND — Finland is one of the best places to get medical care in Europe.Its medical care is second only to Denmark in the EU.But there are some serious drawbacks to the care.The country has a high rate of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, and its hospitals are overcrowded.In fact, only 8% […]

How to save money and get more health coverage

HODLING is not only the most expensive part of health insurance, but the most confusing too.Here are the key elements of HODLAIN and the various types of coverage options.HODLINGS are the individual insurance plans offered through you get one, it will show you your health insurance price, the deductible, and the coinsurance, and if […]

When doctors have the answer to your medical care

The American Medical Association, with its $8 billion in annual revenues, has become the largest single employer in the country, with a workforce of more than 1.5 million physicians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.The AMA has spent $2.7 billion on lobbying in 2017, up from $1.4 billion in 2016, according the Center for […]

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