Florida Medical Care Free: Florida Families Are Getting $3,000 Per Day in Medical Care

Medical care free in Florida for all Floridians is coming to a hospital near you.On Thursday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 1052 into law, making the state the third state to provide a medical care free option for all Medicaid residents.In the past, Florida provided Medicaid residents with free medical care and prescription […]

How to diagnose and treat a medical emergency

Health care workers in many countries around the world have long been known to prescribe opioids to help manage chronic pain.But new research suggests that the medication may also be helpful for chronic pain patients in some countries.The findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Pain.The researchers looked at how painkillers are […]

Which medical careers are worth taking in 2018?

When you consider the growing list of medical careers available in 2018, you might be surprised by the numbers.And if you’ve been thinking about medical school or are considering one, here’s what you need to know.1.The first step to medical career training is earning a doctorate.A medical degree is a prerequisite for obtaining medical work.This […]

How to be the best football player in your own country

With the NFL season now less than a month away, here are five key things to consider when preparing for your career in the league.1.Be an aggressive recruiter2.Be a leader3.Keep your eye on the big picture4.Play smart and be prepared to get beat5.Keep it real1.Become an aggressive recruiter”I want to get a scholarship to college, […]

When it comes to emergency medical care, the Trump administration has some important things to say

MEDIA COLUMN — The Trump administration will continue to insist that emergency medical services be covered by Medicare for the foreseeable future.The White House and other administration officials have been arguing for years that Medicare is not in a position to negotiate the prices of drugs and other medical care.That has led to arguments that […]

U.S. lawmakers demand answers about VA health care scandal

A federal investigation into VA care and safety at a veterans hospital in Virginia is set to continue next week.U.S., VA officials said they’re confident the investigation will not find evidence of wrongdoing.But lawmakers are asking for more answers.Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) sent a letter Thursday to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres demanding a full investigation […]

Trump administration says US Medicaid program will be closed as a result of Medicaid cuts

President Donald Trump on Thursday said the US Medicaid system would be closed by mid-February after the administration announced a series of major cuts to Medicaid.Trump’s administration said in a Friday afternoon statement that the cuts to the health care program will begin Jan. 1 and run through March 31, though he did not provide […]

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